Allowance backdating

The Annual Allowance limits are outlined below: Annual Allowance calculator allows you to input the details of your client's existing and expected pension input amounts.

If your partner or civil partner works 24 hours or more a week on average, you can't usually get income-based Jobseekers Allowance (contribution-based Jobseekers allowance isn't affected).

Create a my Gov account You’ll have a Customer Reference Number. This is anyone who’s had a payment or concession from us before, no matter how long ago.

Visit a service centre and tell us you want to register for an online account. This is anyone who’s never had a payment or concession from us before.

If you want to claim as independent, you can’t start your online claim until you turn 22 years of age.

If you do, we'll ask you to give us your parents’ or guardians’ financial details.

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