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Being in love and dating can help the world seem like a much better place.

The same is true for both us ordinary mortals and celebrities.

Just like us, they love the feeling of being in love.

As many celebrities know, it can be hard being in the public eye and looking for a marriage partner.

Speaking about her relationship with the pro golfer in an interview with earlier this week, the 28-year-old blonde beauty confessed that she's often on the losing end of the games they play.

We’re all swiping way too quickly and not thinking, ‘Wait.

This is why it is not a shock to find that celebrities love to date each other.

Two people who are both in the spotlight can find comfort in each other’s arms knowing they have many similar experiences in common.

Those who watch the music world closely were hardly surprised to hear about the latest power couple to hook up.

Many Months of Speculation Celebrities are also used to being followed around closely by other people. This is something that famous songbirds Rihanna and Drake are used to understanding.

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