Dating car registration plates

No other symbols or flags can be displayed on number plates.You can still choose to display the blue European Flag with "GB" within the circle of stars on your number plates.The first letters represents the region and the second the DVLA local offices.Next are the two age identifier number, which show the age of the car down to a six month period - March to August or September to February. From March 1st drivers will also be able to personalise their number plate.

The old 'prefix' system with a leading single letter to show the year of first registration began on 1 August 1983 with the introduction of the 'A' prefix and ended with 'Y', which ran from 1 March 2001 until 31 August 2001.

The age identifier number is changed every six months in March and September.

This means that the 17 plates will run from March 1 until the end of August before being replaced by a 67 plate.

The registrations consist of two letters, followed by two numbers that help identify the age of the vehicle, and three letters at the end.

For example: Below is a table showing the issue dates for car registrations bearing current style plates.

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