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Once you receive your username you can go to Login to access your account.If you do not receive an email from us, try again by entering a different email or contact us.The setup is very easy, just open theme design mode and add a single line of code to your theme.

Some businesses, eager to sell their products to buyers outside the local calling area, were willing to accept collect calls or installed special services, such as Zenith number service, where they paid the cost of receiving telephone enquiries.Note: Due to privacy policy, We can't get actual email of customer when they login with Twitter or Instagram account.According to some research, 90% of visitors to your store already have frequently used 3rd party accounts and are used to it too.Did you ever realize how many potential customers you may have missed because you don't have social authentication available at your store?Social Login provides a very simple solution to overcome these limitations, where a customer doesn't need create a new account instead he can login using his social accounts.

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