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Because the room needs to be involved in the invitation process only for members-only rooms, because members-only rooms are relatively rare, and because mediated invitations do not work when element whose value is the bare JID, full JID, or occupant JID of the inviter and send the invitation to the invitee specified in the 'to' address; the room SHOULD add the password if the room is password-protected): Example 57.

Large feature requests should not be included here, but should be described in separate PEPs; however a large feature request that doesn't have its own PEP can be listed here until its own PEP is created. This PEP was created to allow us to close bug reports that are really feature requests.

In addition to standard chatroom features such as room topics and invitations, the protocol defines a strong room control model, including the ability to kick and ban users, to name room moderators and administrators, to require membership or passwords in order to join the room, etc. element's 'thread' attribute, and include the Thread ID in any new messages sent to the room.

NOTICE: The protocol defined herein is a Draft Standard of the XMPP Standards Foundation. Use of Thread IDs is RECOMMENDED because it helps to provide continuity between the one-to-one chat and the multi-user chat. Continuing the Discussion I: User Creates Room protocol enables the room creator to specify the datetime of each message from the one-to-one chat history (via the 'stamp' attribute), as well as the JID of the original sender of each message (via the 'from' attribute); note well that the 'from' here is not the room itself, since the originator of the message is the delaying party.

Marked as Open, they distract from the list of real bugs (which should ideally be less than a page). The procedure now is: if a bug report is really a feature request, add the feature request to this PEP; mark the bug as "feature request", "later", and "closed"; and add a comment to the bug saying that this is the case (mentioning the PEP explicitly).

It is also acceptable to move large feature requests directly from the bugs database to a separate PEP.

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