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It is a time honored customs with our best people; to record in the Family Bible; the dates of births and deaths, as they occur in the Family Circle. After examination, she readily accepted my proposition. I He was Dean of 14'ranklin College, but at the death of Cbapcellor Walter B. While he did not seek or desire public office, was a man of strong convictions, and'ever ready to meet the demands made upon him by his fellow citizens. Na ier, had 4 suit Monument placed over her grave, the inscription on same (as per her request) was written by Iter gr&4duephew: [email protected] Bor David C. 'i Idiots, Lunatics and insane persons of every Every Government possessing the means, she hesitancy or procrastination, provide suitable Asvlums for these most distressed ind unfortunate human' beings,"My grandfather, Middleton Pope was essentially jx private citizen. You express surprise that no one has recently visited the grave on Mattapony River to confirm the commonly ace*ted statement that the name as there inscribed is Jacob [email protected]; this, Mrs. Louis did (decendant of Jack Ltimpkin) and wrote me of her trip. Mrs Thomas Sloan (nee Anna Lumpkin) of Arkadelphia,, Ark., is a decendant of Jonathan Ragan. Children of Thomas Cobb Moore and Lucy Hall: Among other titles she held in the work of the D. Ex-Regent of the state organization, and ex-vic6 @fd OM ktneral of the National Association. Chabne", one son, Chalmers, was killed in the war of the sixues, his wife, Anna Dodge was sister of Richard a decendant of Washington Irving.

Spalding of Savannah, Georgia, has been an enthusiastic and generous contributor, and doubtless knows more of the family history than any other. Wilson Lumpkin, sister of 'he late Judge Pope Barrow, of the East Judicial Circuit; who was one of the most highly esteemed citizens of the State. I brought to her attention, the fact; that I had compile much information relating to the Lumpkin family, and suggested that she use my Mss as part of her work, and as a contribution from me. He was admitted to the Bar and practiced Law for a [email protected] but gave it up td ent, er the F4culty of the Univei'sitythat ti-rn , e. In every relation gf life he has li\,ed u to its highest standards, Boryk July 15,1.854. Was never married: He was an Alumnus of the: University of Georgia, 18'i', Sl. He was 'not in the least stern, gloomy or dictatorial, quite the contrary He was kind and most pleasant in intercouse with others; loved a joke, loved to see people happy and enjoy them Mves -,had a generous heart; stern only to wrong doers or wrong doing. would avail myself of the occasion most e4arne,stly to invite the serious attention of the Georgia Assem Wy to another class of individuals who are to every community, and who deserve to be amo objects of Legislative care and attention. This gentleman was instrumental in restoring the tomb. It was decided at a term of court, to build a good road to the Cody place. (from Cartnell's Historv of Virginia).1 find from the records that George Lumpkin of the Province of North Carolina, and Mary Lumpkin, his wife, conveyed land in this county. He bought a number of grants in this county that had been taken out by others in 1756. *-er4, Honorary Life Regent of the Habershaht '[email protected]

The university has two satellite campuses located in Atlanta and Lawrenceville.

The university operates several service and outreach stations spread across the state.

Traditions says, the stone that covers his grave was brought from England; the work of inscribing having been done after its arrival in America. When I was one year old my father removed to Georgia and settled in that part of the State then known as Wilkes, County, now Oglethorpe County. The oil portrait of which I rent you the small wood cut, Aunt Mattie left to the State. He passed through a life of extensive usefulness for upwards of three score years and with a spotless and unblemished character. I am glad she asked- yott to do this, and very glad that she will give you credit fotl "me. Members of the Chapter stated early Saturady morning when information of her death was announced, that they had intended to obtain the next State Convention ot the D. Peel, and that iik all probability the plan would be carried through, even though the guiding spirit of the enterprise will not be @ to take part in the proceedings of the o-rganimtion she loved so well in her life.&on, however, she resigned this post in order to do service entailing a greater cost,, through, the Habersham Chapter. By not including this marriage, she would be right in saying, "She alone of the Lumpkin family is descended from the Raglandie'.daughter of Geo. I have le @ened out the record of some families in whom I thought you might be interested. The old residence was destroyed by fire; the present one is a brick structure with -thirty-two rooms.

Among the Lumpkin family and connections, have been many of this favored class. There have been no records, found so far, ante-dating the time of Col. On the Mattapony river in King and Queen County, St. inated Breckinridge and Lane, was for years Vice-President of the Ga. sity of Ga., and of the Lucy Cobb Institute, always greatly interested in the cause of education, and fulfilled his duty to his Church. 'As a inetaber of the Junior class of Franklin College, his amiable and [email protected] tuous deportment, and the fidelity and i LWlity which he [email protected] all his duties, had @[email protected] him alike to the M"ty -and his fellowr studenta and to him and tion.early in 1700, died 1745; married Mourning Mc Kinney and Mary Eiam (widow Ricks), John Pope and Mourning Mc Kinney; had issue; Henry Pope (eldest child) born 1723, Tnude will 1764. @-, had issue.'Burwell Pope, Willis Pope, Henry Augustine Pope; removed to Georgia from N. I do not remember him, being only two years of age at the tiine of his death, but grandpa has talked to me, and I know how my father honored him and he in turn bonorw my father., Ile was'a successful Planter, and left much Real [email protected], part of which he had inherited from his father. Besides this I have a copy of Bagby's "History of King and Queen' who,gives the full Latin Epitaph and the name as not,& shadow of doubt as to Jacob Lumpkin havwg @ the progenitor of the Georgia family, that is the defendants of George and John Lumpkin. You recall that be state memoranda bad been lost, and that he might be incorrzct as to dates etc., but that we are descendants of the individual buried at the church on the Mattapony River.,'A, Pat Patsy" as mentioned is Martha Lumpkin Waway, the only daughter of John and Lucy Hopson Lumpkin. So George Lum ,pkin, her father, must have been born not later 'than t730, and she his first born. John Lumpkin must have been one of the younger, as his wife was born May 17, 1764 (church record) and he in 1762. Lumpkin was President of the Board of '*ustees of "w University of Georgia at the time of his death. Lurnpkin, of Athens, Ga., who is a grandson of Judge Joseph Henry Luinpkin, and he alm has the bust that 'was made while Gov. He was Judge of the Superior Court several terms, and laso represented his district in Congrus, and by a very narrow margin missed the nomination for Governor just prior to the War of the Sixties. Through the establishment of sttth a dinner, Georgia products have been brought prominently to the front, and a larger market created for them in this and other States. I wrote, to a cousin for some of the enclosed information. married his cousin, @ bella Wilson Glenn Hunt; 2nd, Marv WOwn Cunningham, married her cousin, Archie Glenn; Srd, Martha Cunningham married Dr.

She had been for years collecting data, and planning a family history, to consist of two volumes. D ' I-, a Son of the Revolution, and a merdber of the .3if(--tht)dist Church, South. can say of truth of my distinguished friend and councemor, that he "touched nothing that he did not adorn." My asw"tim with him will always [email protected] a memory# on born July 26, 1815. his children, grandchildren and to all who came within the sphere of his influence. Clara Hill (above) was daughter of Abraham Hill and Christian Walton. I was thus without the slightest seek ing on my part, transferred by the popular voice from mv school house to the halls of the Legislature, T%e presiding officer of the house, Abram Jackson, of Burke County (Brother of our distinguished Tames Jackson (Gen) and a @ bf more than ordinary qualifications for the station [email protected] which he was honored. 4, 1832, as "While our thoughts have turned to the abodes of the unfortunate, I. The records show that James Cody resided on the Ca Capon river, in Virginia.

The total acreage of the university in 30 Georgia counties is 41,539 acres (168.10 km The university also owns a residential and research center in Washington, D.

12 kilometres (7 miles) southwest from its city center (municipality of Athens), and lies along the east coast of the Saronic Gulf.

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Designated as on of the seven wonders of Georgia, Amicalola is the highest waterfall east of the Mississippi River. De Soto Falls - There are five beautiful falls along the 3 mile section of the De Soto Falls Trail located in the 650-acre recreation area.

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