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I read a couple of books and they all contradict each other. You can't play history — you have to play the heart of the story.

I trust Neil; He's read everything there is to read about the Borgias.

In 2007, Grainger started a degree in English Literature at the University of Leeds, which she decided to continue with the Open University, due to her hectic filming schedule.

(Photo by Vito Amati/Wire Image) , created by director Neil Jordan, makes its characters deeply conflicted — and very sexy.“I didn’t feel the pressure of the role until I went to Chatham and met Miriam and Bernie’s daughter,” Holliday shared about her connection with her character in the film.She continued, “She took me on a tour, we went to the lighthouse, and we stood on the 36-500, the actual boat that was in the rescue…hearing her talk about her mum was so helpful for me to find and flesh out the character but also scary because Miriam was hugely loved.” Holliday is also pictured below at BBC2 Radio Studios late last week. Since then she has appeared in many TV shows and movies as a child actor.She completed her high school in 2006 from Parrs Wood High School.

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Speaking of her acting debut, her career had begun at the age of six.

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