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Feeling seriously offended, Ms Fontaine decided to ignore Elect Club’s demands for her to set up a direct debit. I was planning to get out before I had to pay any more money.’She was offered another introduction, this time to an IT worker called Terry, who was in his 50s and from Pinner.She says: ‘I thought I had better play ball and go along on at least one date, otherwise they would say I hadn’t tried.’They met at Sloane Square, in Chelsea, where Terry emerged from the Underground station wearing an anorak and carrying a rucksack.The County Register, which charges £10,000 for 18 months membership of its top tier personal search service, is currently signing five new city-based clients a month – twice the joining rate for 2000.Yet in an age of internet dating, why should successful businesspeople sign up for highly priced services that marry the arcane arts of matchmaking to executive headhunting?e talk about the ‘red flags’ of dating – those signs that scream, ‘Walk (OK, run) away’ – but do we spend so much time looking for the negatives that we overlook the positives early on, too?Here are the moment that told these people, “This one’s a keeper”...“My boyfriend listens to my favourite radio programme – Woman’s Hour, on BBC Radio 4 – on the way to work, so that we can discuss things that are affecting women’s lives.Photos from the 42nd Internet Dating Conference taking place on October 14-16, 2015 in London.

The encroachment of work isn’t the only factor contributing to the rise in mid-life singletons.

The company, Elect Club, claimed to have the ‘largest private database of single professionals in London’, including business leaders and entrepreneurs.

On its website, it boasted of being ‘the number one dating agency in the UK’ with branches in several major cities.‘Elect Club is an exclusive social network for attractive, dynamic, eligible professionals looking for a serious relationship,’ it said.

In further emails, she found out that he had only been divorced for two months.

An internet search turned up the equally worrying fact that he had recently changed his name and that several of his companies had been fined.

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  1. Dear Ynez, Allow me to answer your second question first, because it’s a lot quicker: No. So, in essence, you’re saying something as clichéd as “I like to laugh” or “I want a man who’s honest.” It’s a pointless point, and is one that’s bound to be ignored.

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