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Former US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice reportedly turned down an offer from the Trump campaign to be the presumptive Republican nominee’s vice-presidential running mate.

Sources told CNN reporters Dana Bash and Elise La Bott that Donald Trump’s team had “reached out to Condi Rice in [the] last few days,” Ms Bash tweeted, adding that Dr Rice “had no interest” in the role.

Metropolitan Police Chief Commissioner, Sir Ian Blair, later described the incident as "a moment of uncertainty." British tabloids reported, however, that Ms.

Rice was higher than George Michael when she arived at Scotland Yard. Rice was inadvertently separated from her entourage during a brief trip to an American diplomat's north London apartment.

"I've just never found anybody that I was going to spend my life with," she says. As for how he could "woo" her, Rice said, "Convince me that you'll spend Sunday afternoons watching football." She also said she'd cook southern fried chicken, cornbread, chili and gumbo.

Check out the full interview with Condoleezza Rice tonight at 9pm ET/PT.

You can check in any time you like as long as you're prepared to get deplorable Trigger warning! "It's almost like she wasn't born singing and dancing." Ms.

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Mr Trump’s vice-presidential short-list, however, is thought to have been whittled down to three middle-aged white men: Indiana Governor Mike Pence, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

Mr Pence, currently running for re-election in Indiana, met with Mr Trump and several of his family members at his Indiana home on Wednesday.

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of State Condoleezza Rice will be interviewed for the hour on "Piers Morgan Tonight" at 9pm ET/PT, and talks to Piers Morgan about the Iraq War, Sarah Palin, Barack Obama and much more.

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