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She was a regular cast member of The Eleventh Hour, Jeff Ltd., Rent-a-Goalie, and The Bridge.Chapelle, a sexy and mysterious painter, uses the art of seduction to pit her half-brother and his best friend against each other in an act of revenge against her abusive father. Oscar Bonsetter tells a dying prisoner that he will take revenge on the sadistic guard who killed him. He also has a mistress, a mistress who gets him involved with more than he's ...However the actual end result is that the film transcends what it could have been and turns into something that is quite wonderful – witty and moving at the same time.

See full summary » Melissa Yarnell is the wife of burned-out cop Mike Yarnell who takes out his frustrations out on her.Four narratives weave their way through the tragic slums of Bogota to the lofty hills of Hollywood.A 14-year-old prostitute girl and an ill-fated, eccentric American writer forge a strange...Her parents divorced after 30 years of marriage and Union said, "They handled their divorce and our subsequent transition into a blended family with grace and dignity and respect. I'm lucky that I can just mirror what my parents did and always put the kids first.They're pretty awesome, I'm lucky." On her college football memories, Union reflected, "In my family if you couldn’t talk Cornhusker football – that means knowing the black shirt defense, knowing the I-back formation – then you don’t get to have an opinion.

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